Entrepreneurs often turn to venture capitalists for raising capital. Off late, they have become a major source of funding for startups and other high-growth potential companies that require capital.

VSC Group leverages the wealth of experience and broad skillsets in supporting the specific needs of the startups and provides all your fund administration requirements as you look to take advantage of the many opportunities in the market.

Our team offers a comprehensive suite of bespoke services, regardless of the complexity of your fund structure, that help you to stay compliant while meeting the diverse demands and expectations of your investors.

We provide financial impetus to fuel startups and scaleups by leveraging our industry expertise and networks. We have a long track record of success and our team acts as a nexus between venture capital and business development facilitating efficiency in equity investments at a fraction of the cost while minimizing risk. We also match strategic corporate venture investors with startups / high-growth Companies and vice versa.