The digitisation of tax services is having a profound impact on tax and legal professionals, who are themselves evolving their functions through the adoption of technology, process automation and advanced analytics to drive positive outcomes. India has been adopting technology across all tax services and several measures such as e-returns, e-registrations, e-way bills, e-invoicing, and QR codes, have been implemented by the government, which marks important milestones in the digitalisation journey.

Tax professionals at VSC Group serve many large and small businesses, international businesses, foreign nationals, HNIs, and family business owners among others. Whether it's enabling technology and increasing the efficiency of tax compliance, adopting a more holistic approach to corporate or individual tax planning and strategy, or accessing valuable resources to help you deal with complex international tax situations, VSC Group's tax professionals can help you with all aspects of financial reporting for tax. Our consulting services encompass tax accounting issues, policies, processes, procedures and controls.