With rapid urbanisation and the focus on pan-India infrastructure, there is substantial opportunity to undertake complex and complicated projects. With profound shifts in urbanization trends and different approaches to infrastructure, the success of players in this sector will be a combination of cost efficiency, technological competence and efficiency.

Despite near-term challenges in certain construction sectors, the medium to long-term growth story in India remains intact. The construction and infrastructure industry in India is expected to witness healthy revenue growth in the medium term.

In the world of projects, there is a huge investment, large assets, big plans and risks too. On one hand, Government views infrastructure as a key driver of both economic growth and citizen well-being, while the private sector is under increasing pressure to tap smart technologies and pursue green infrastructure.

The VSC Group's approach will take you from developing your strategy to achieving top performance. We will work with you to get you into top shape, making your organization stronger, more productive, and more competitive along the way. Our extensive reach in this sector is a testimony to our understanding of the rules of engagement - with governments, public authorities, and private institutions alike. Our team will engage across the public and private sectors to help organizations capture new opportunities and respond to evolving infrastructure industry trends.