The chemicals industry is witnessing a revival all over the world after the global economic slowdown by a spurt in demand. The growth slump in China and elsewhere, a post-covid reshuffling of product portfolios, and unpredictable changes in feedstock cost and availability are now making way for newer opportunities. With the rising importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations there is a shift in the sector to lower carbon processes and operations. Chemical industries are becoming digital-first for economies of scale to navigate a complex business landscape.

Companies will have to re-examine their current business models, find new ways to create value for customers and upskill their workforces for the future, master supply chains, processes, costs, and sales and marketing and have the vision to build partnerships for long-term sustainability.

VSC Group's extensive association with chemical companies helps us provide deep insights into the improvements possible in operations, supply chain activities and implementation of new technologies. We have helped companies achieve an edge over their competition by designing and implementing sustainable strategies, and how to innovate, adapt, and reach their full potential.

As the next wave of dominance by emerging markets arrives, VSC Group remains the best companion to leverage growth by ensuring that your entire organization is aligned on a tailored, powerful strategy that gets results, today and well into the future.

Our strong advisory practice and consulting team are well-positioned to support clients across a gamut of strategic initiatives and build robust credentials.