India's economy is embracing natural and renewable energy at a rapid pace. Successful natural resource management and energy production requires the ability and knowledge to navigate a series of complex challenges ranging from geopolitics, changing consumer behaviour, environmental policy and investor expectations.

VSC Group professionals in the renewable energy space have the technical skills and industry-focused experience that enable them to understand the complexity of natural resource management issues and the challenges faced by businesses, industry and government in managing resources sustainably within a strict regulatory framework.

Our multidisciplinary team has a breadth and depth of capabilities and demonstrated experience to meet the needs of projects, at each stage of the life cycle. We deliver fast, high-quality, targeted talent solutions covering every need.

In addition to this, our technical experts and regulatory specialists deliver skilled problem-solving and creative thinking to help natural resource management clients navigate today's intense competition for resources. We seek to ensure that we are ever ready to address our clients' primary concerns.