Consumer products companies cover a vast array of product categories and come in many shapes and sizes. The consumer goods industry is known for stability and consistency, now confronting the whipsaw of change. Major demographic, political, environmental, technological, and cultural shifts are contributing to the constant changes in the industry and for companies, keeping up with the changing consumer will be one of their greatest challenges. But despite the rapid changes the industry has remained remarkably stable, a testament to the advantages of scale. Companies keep reshaping their portfolios, revamping their go-to-market strategies and pursuing operational efficiencies to remain in the fray.

Our consumer products consulting expertise ensure you stay there. In a world driven by data, at VSC Group we make sure your business isn't left behind. We help you with tools and processes that create continuous intelligence, minimise risk in decision making and drive enterprise-wide value.

The breadth of our experience and expertise across sub-sectors of the consumer goods industry, combined with our broad ecosystem of best-in-class partners, ensure that we tailor powerful solutions that meet your exact needs. Our cross-functional team of experts will help and guide you in driving value, transforming, innovating and growing your consumer goods and services business at scale and pace.